Umbel Campaigns & Engagements Overviews

Umbel Campaigns & Engagements Overviews


Two key pieces of the application displayed data for individual campaigns or engagements, but didn’t provide a way to see aggregates of that data over a period of time. This made determining whether the social media campaigns we ran for our clients or their fan data acquisitions were a success or a failure. Since the two pages had layouts that are almost identical, we wanted to make sure our solution could work for both pages to keep the usability patterns the same.



Using specific feedback from users during the Design Sprint user testing we conducted a few weeks prior, I began compiling the aggregate metrics we would show for each campaign/engagement type when it is filtered, as well as the metrics we would show in the rows and columns for the single campaign/engagements. I worked internally with our media campaigns team to determine key campaign metrics to surface and the client services team for the key acquisition campaign metrics based on reports they would send to clients. I also needed to quickly ideate on what the next versions of these overview sections could be make sure that this current solution would allow for further iteration that wouldn’t require a complete reconfiguration of this section. Once we had some concepts, I began coming up with iconography for the each of the key overview metrics to make these sections a little less bland for this MVP version.



We decided step one after completing a Design Sprint focusing on an Umbel Dashboard concept should be to create a section at the top of each page to show aggregate data. Adding time filtering and campaign/engagement type filtering as well as a multiple selection option for each single row to see aggregates for specific items was also going to be part of it. We updated data that is displayed based on the campaign/engagement type filter in order to show more value and metrics that are specific to evaluating those specific types of campaigns/engagements. Finally, we updated the expanded view of these sections in order to reflect the new main evaluation metric for that type of media or engagement campaign.


  • Feature discovery via user studies from the Design Sprint we did.
  • User Interviews internally and with our users to determine what metrics were most beneficial.
  • Digital prototype review with users
  • UI/UX design
  • Requirement documentation/tickets for development



ACT PAGE (Facebook Ad Campaigns)
  • Page views went up from around 900/month to about 1,250/month
  • Visitors went up from about 65/month to about 85/month 


ACQUIRE PAGE (Engagements)
  • Page views tripled from 1,250/month to 4,750/month
  • Visitors went up from about 100/month to about 125/month to that page. 
  • About twice as many engagements are created per month than the average month.