Help Desk



The Spiceworks Help Desk App was badly in need of attention. It was in need of a UX audit to see how interactions could be improved as well as a facelift and re-organization with the introduction of the new ui toolkit styles that had been created. This was a high use app so we had to be wary of each change we made and make sure this would help the user do their work more efficiently. We also wanted to leverage the Spiceworks social community’s expertise by introducing ticket sharing with other IT Pros.



After observing IT Pros use the app as they would on a daily basis, discussing their needs for a help desk ticketing system, and getting their feedback on some early ideas we saw a huge opportunity to make editing ticket fields more simple as well as organizing the ticket view in a way that helped with scannability. We moved the most commonly edited fields into a section between a new more readable title/actions bar for quick editing using in-place editing and more interesting ways to quickly change due dates and add time for labor tracking.


  • Market analysis of competitors
  • User Interviews
  • User Studies (in person or screen share apps)
  • Digital prototype review with users
  • UI/UX design
  • Iterate quickly on usability issues during betas