Umbel Segment Compare Mode

Umbel Segment Comparison Mode


As soon as I began interviewing Umbel users and watching them use the product, there seemed to be a need to look at one segment(s) versus another. I would see them open an additional tab, take screenshots, or save custom segments (multiple segments saved as one) to access later. The more I witnessed this behavior the more it became apparent we needed to provide them a better way to do this.



I collected all my notes, videos, and research in one place to begin scribbling ideas on paper as I already had quite a bit of research to get started. After I had a handful of rough ideas, I bounced them off a few folks internally who I had previously had longer discussions about this potential feature. There were two that seemed promising, so I began to wireframe those up for a quick round of internal testing with members of our Client Services Team who would create comparisons for our clients frequently. Both seemed to appeal to various people for different and practical reasons so I went ahead and got the wireframes in front of users for an initial feedback round. With that feedback I still felt both options had merit, so I decided I would go ahead and test them both again with users by creating designed prototypes using Invision so they looked more like the Umbel UI.



The second round of user testing ended similar to our internal testing. Again, we thought one option would be great for one set of users and the other would be good for the other set. The decision was between a modal with multiple tabs with the data in rows and columns that we thought would appeal to our Business Intelligence users and the other option being a more visual approach where we split the main segment screen into a column A and column B. The second version seemed to appeal more toward an average user. After much thought and discussion with our head of product and head of Client Services, we made the call to go with the more visual option, since we believed it would be more helpful for a larger portion of our users.


  • Feature discovery via user studies
  • User Interviews around the concept of segment comparison
  • Digital prototype review with users
  • UI/UX design
  • Requirement documentation/tickets for development



  • Averaged about 60/clicks a month over the past 10 months
  • Averaged about 12 users using it a month (About 14% of our users)
  • Staff Usage for Clients (About 160/clicks a month over past 10 months)