Hi, I’m Carlton Willmann.

I design app experiences and make things out of wood.


I love creating and building intuitive, enjoyable experiences.

I’m a big thinking, user focused, mission oriented, problem solving, designer of products. I live to turn complex problems into simple, intuitive, and delightful experiences.

I strongly believe that any problem can be solved by maintaining constant contact with the user. If you get to know them and can truly put yourself in their shoes, the answer to your question should shake itself loose.

I’ve found that designing experiences and woodworking are incredibly similar in process and end result. Both take a great deal of planning, attention to detail, attention to best practices, and creative thought to complete well. Throughout the process, you have to constantly check specs to make sure the project is going to end up where all the planning was supposed to take it.

I think my creativity and practicality are what keep me grounded when creating a new user experience or wood-based project so the end product isn’t a garbled piece of junk that no one will want to use.


Some things about me.

•  Graduate of UT Austin 2006 – Advertising (Creative Advertising – Art Direction)
•  I started an interactive agency with 3 folks from my graduating class right after college
•  The first cd I ever bought: (after i was convinced cd’s weren’t a fad by my brother – boy did he end up being wrong)  Hootie and the Blowfish – Cracked Rear View
•  Collected ninja turtle action figures as a kid. I ended up with over 200.  Not sure where they all went.


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